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High Achiever Grievers

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Many grieving people come to see me already self-diagnosed. They believe they are behind in their grieving. They either have read about the model of Stages of Grief or have heard enough to know they are behind or “stuck.” I call these folks “High Achiever Grievers.”

They are typically very focused individuals who accomplish much and who hold themselves to high standards. They are usually admired for what they can get done.

Grieving, however, often calls for a state of mind that is contrary to the linear style that High Achiever Grievers use as their normal approach. The state of the grieving mind is often more chaotic and disorienting.

I will usually ask the question: “Are you self-critical of your grieving process?” The answer is invariably “Yes.”

“Then that is where we start our work together.” I tell them. “Notice that inner voice of self-criticism and remind yourself you grieve because you loved. You are not failing to get grief right.”

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Getting Grief Right

by Dr. Patrick O'Malley

A masterpiece that will touch your heart and soul with healing powers. • A compassionate, wise, and practical guide • A must read for anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.


Grief Therapist

Dr. Patrick O’Malley is a psychotherapist in Fort Worth, Texas, who specializes in grief counseling. For 40 years, he has counseled individuals, couples and families
in his private practice.


Getting Grief Right

by Dr. Patrick O'Malley

By the time Mary came to see me, six months after losing her daughter to sudden infant death syndrome, she had hired and fired two other therapists. She was trying to get her grief right...

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